Thursday, April 28, 2011

Terrible what?!

We are going through a new phase with Landen. I have heard some people refer to this as the "Terrible Two's".
But this can't be happening to my child. I mean, he's only 19 months. Right??


Temper tantrums every half hour, at least.
Throwing things for no apparent reason.
Not staying in his bed at night.
The occasional bite even!!

I am lost. My sweet little man only shows up for a couple hours a day.

                                              He kept getting out of bed so I finally decided to just leave him alone.
                                                      This is how I found him an hour later...

Meal times get really ugly.

I even have to take the cover off the high chair most of the time to keep it somewhat clean. 
He thinks he always has to feed himself now. Psh.

This was just adorable...

Fruit snacks stuck to those big ol' thighs

And lets not forget tantrums over me holding the camera. He thinks that's his too...


  1. Too Funny! I think I have seen pictures of Evan and Grant sleeping by the baby gate! Ask Cara about that! Hahaha! Isn't it grand. They get so darn stubborn at such a young age!

  2. Having a new little sister can really be stressful on the fella. I know that after Eliza was born I had a hard time with Oliver. Hang in there. This too shall pass.