Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Like a train wreck...

Dieting sucks.

And I am no good at it.

I get this idea in my head that if I just eat bad every once in while then it's ok. It's not. And then once in a while turns into once or twice a day. Ugh.

It's honestly like I'm watching someone else do this to their body. Not me. Of course not.

So, from now on I will be writing down every single thing I eat. That should make me not want to eat it. Explaining bad decisions to yourself tends to be a pretty difficult thing.

On a lighter note:

We took little miss Eden to the neurologist last Friday and they think she's fine! Awesome actually! We go back in September when she'll be 6 months old to double check but that's it! I am so excited and relieved!


  1. It sucks Bri! I'm trying to lose weight too. I love to eat, so this is hard as hell! But for now I have cut out all fast food and I'm trying to eat healthier snacks. And of course cut down on my portions. Keeping my fingers crossed it will help!
    Good news on Eden!!!!

  2. Her limbs are very stiff and hard to move. And she's had tremors since she was born. Our pediatrician was pretty concerned that she's still showing these symptoms so we had to see a neurologist at Peyton Manning's Children's Hospital. She was awesome and said she thinks she's just going to have tight muscle tone for awhile. And the tremors are probably from that too. She doesn't want to do any tests like MRI's or things of that nature unless she's older and still having symptoms. They actually have to be sedated for that, so no way. She thought there was something funny with one of her legs though and our pediatrician thinks the same thing. But, nothing we can do about that either until she is older! So we're just praying nothing's wrong!!

  3. Heather- I am doing the same thing! I have started doing no fast food, healthy snacks like veggies, less milk (I can put down a gallon in 2 days, I'm a milk junkie) and more water! Trying not to do pop but that one is really hard for me!! And I'm trying to eat less meat. I've been doing turkey bacon for breakfast and then a small meat portion for dinner. It is sooooo hard.

  4. When I am at work I do really well with the water. But when I am at home, it's like I forget to drink it! I have moved over to total diet pop. The first week was torture, but I do think it's gotten a little easier. I had gotten addicted to the mushroom and swiss angus burgers from McDonalds and they were super hard to give up! But after we printed out the nutrition facts for most of the fast food joints, it really put it into perspective how bad that stuff is for you. We always get lunch out on Friday's at work, I just end up going to Subway. I've started losing, slowly but it's a start. I am worried about the Allen's wedding coming up in a little over a week and a weekend in Indy the next week. I don't want to end up blowing what I've started!

    And on another note, prayers go out to you on baby Eden!