Monday, December 27, 2010

New Years Resolution

So, I have been thinking and I have no New Years Resolution. I don't think you can really have one. So I am making a list of things I want to do/improve.

*Be more organized. I am so unorganized that sometimes it hurts. I never write down appointments or birthdays. I never know where things are located. I plan on investing in a calendar, some storage totes and cleaning out my whole entire kitchen. If I haven't used a cooking device this year, it's getting sold in a yard sale. And I really need to stick with the menu planning. When I stick with it, it saves me quite the headache!

*Make more time with my husband. We rarely ever do things just the two of us. Our days consist of him working, coming home, eating dinner, bathing and playing with Landen, cleaning up messes Landen has made, putting Landen to bed and then computer/ television (usually football) time. It's not nice. I think if we make more time for each other things will be much nicer.

*Cliche, I know, but getting back into shape. This pregnancy has not been kind to me. I have consumed more disgusting things in the last 6 months than in my life I think. I would love to be running this summer. I keep saying that I want to train to run a mini marathon so hopefully this year I will! At least train!

*Be more laid back. I am wound far too tightly. I need to learn to step back and take a chill pill at times. Not really take a chill pill, but ya know. I cannot stand for people to do things with my son if it isn't done my way and it's terrible. All it does is stress me out. I mean I can't even stand for my husband to run his bath water at times because it isn't done "my way". That's not fair to him. And what kind of mother will I be in 5 years if I am this crazy about bath water?! Scary thought to me. So I'm gonna give it a shot.

*Blog more! I really like it and I'm glad I started doing it! It's somewhat therapeutic. I think it's good for me. However, there are still a zillion things I need to figure out on here and I am just no good at it. Can't figure out how to customize my blog or anything so maybe some of my fellow bloggers will help a dummy out! Ha!

*Be the best Mommy I can be. This was the only thing I stuck to on my list last year and I think I've done a pretty good job. I am so in love with the little guy, it's an easy one to follow!! And I can't wait to meet the little princess either and be the best Momma I can be to her.

So, you've heard mine...what are yours??

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  1. I am totally going to TRY to be more organized, do more crafty projects at home with the kids, redecorate the house and spend more time with just me and the hubs! Quite the list, we will see what I stick to!!! Thanks so much for entering the giveaway for my etsy shop RosiePosieDesigns!