Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Very First Fondant Cake

This weekend was my little sisters high school graduation and open house. My Mom asked me what I'd like to make for it so I automatically said cake. Hey, it looks super easy on youtube!!


I had never messed with fondant before and I don't really like the taste of regular so I made marshmallow. I went through about 5 bad batches before I got a few good ones!

I have also never piped anything on a cake. But, I don't think I did too bad for my first time.

Her party theme was tye-dye so I made the inside of the cake all different colors. I made whipped butter cream frosting for the first time. But, I found it on Pioneer Woman's blog. We all know she can't go wrong. You can get the recipe here. It is super tasty, super easy, and super cheap!

                                               I definitely need to work on my piping...

And I  need to learn how to clean up while I work

My husband almost fainted when he saw this...

But I didn't think it was too shabby! 

It tasted pretty decent too. I would just like to say though, just because they make it look easy on Cake Boss, doesn't mean it is!! And it is highly stressful and time consuming. Make a practice on first!!!

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  1. It looks like it turned out pretty good Bri!