Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer Blues

Every year around this time I find myself in a sort of summer depression. From December until March I can't wait for summer. Yet, when it gets here I get sick of it...quick. Today, for instance, I am in my house with all the lights off and the drapes drawn. Instead of being outside enjoying this wonderful day with my son I am keeping him locked in the house like he is any other day. Disgusting? I think so. If it could just stay autumn all year round I would be fine. I love the cool, crisp days. The festivals, planting mums, Halloween, wearing a hoodie all day long, Friday night football games, the smell of pumpkin spice, and being able to spend an evening outside without feeling hot and sweaty and gross. I feel that enough from chasing around an 11 month old. I just needed to vent. And complain about Mother Nature.

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